About us

In Hinwil since 2020

We have made our passion into our motto and ethics.

Health is not self-evident and should not be viewed as such.

Our patients are not just a leg, a back or an arm, we see you as a whole person and look beyond the location of uncomfort.
This has become our valued asset particularly in today’s hectic time which is regulated by constraints.
We look beyond the boundaries of time and adapt our therapy to solve your individually issue.

Since 2013 we have successfully treated patients in Sattel, SZ in cooperation with Stygifit and would gladly support you with our wide foundation of knowledge, to let you have smoother times.

Call us, come by or email us.

We are happy to provide help.

Mary and Ramon Theunissen

Our Team

Our team has made it their vision to provide our customers and patients with exceptional treatment in all areas.

Mary Theunissen-Sprockhoff
Mary Theunissen-Sprockhoff
dipl. Physiotherapist, Reikimaster, TCM i.A.
Ramon Theunissen
Ramon Theunissen
Sport alternative practitioner, Personal trainer, MTT, Massages

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For each new customer they receive, they receive a voucher worth CHF 50.00 for treatments and products.

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