Project Description

Energetic treatments

Reiki is a technique called palm or hands-on healing. Originating in Japan it translates to “power of the mind.”

With in Reiki the chakras play a crucial role. Reiki is energetic work and is often supported with gemstones and aromatherapy.

Both direct and remote treatments are possible.

Learn how to relax

In contrast to meditation, this is about tensing and relaxing muscles, which leads to finding easy steps to relaxation at home.

Hot and cold stones

Recharge and relax with this combination of lava and marble stone treatment.

“The Art of Touching” or “The Knowledge of the Soft Touch”

The “roof of the world” massage is considered the slowest massage in the world and is carried out with warm oils. It relieves stress and leaves the body feeling relaxed, relaxed and calm.

The aim of the treatment is to stimulate self-healing powers in order to solve disorders and blockages and to achieve a refreshing and relaxed body feeling. After treatment, it is easier to move and breathe more freely. You get a strong relationship with your body and your center and the life energy can flow more easily.


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