Project Description


Treatment of physical complications, a simple stress relief or relaxation.

Diverse forms of treatment can be used whether a colon massage or classic back and neck massage. In all cases, the metabolic and blood circulation is stimulated, leaving you with a feeling of relief and regeneration.

Athletes need it a bit different.

Whether you are preparing for a competition or need to relax afterwards, this massage method will give your muscles what they need to preform optimally.

“The art of touching” or “The knowledge of the soft touch”

These forms of massages come from “the roof of the world” and are considered the slowest which are carried out with warm oils. They relieve stress and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Aim of the massages are to stimulate your self-healing powers, to remove blockages and disorders, which leaves you refreshed and relaxed. After your massage you will notice it is easier to move and breath. It helps you strengthen your bond to your body and helps you find your center to allow life energy to flow smoothly.

Our feet mirror our body and are often neglected.

The various reflex zones are directly linked to your organs. With foot reflexology we are able to treat possible disorders as the indication point on your foot will react with pain, which we are able to immediately remedy with our treatment.

Hot or Cold stones

Relax and recharge your batteries with this interactive change between lava and marble stones.

The special treatment with shells

A special massage carried out with real clams. Thanks to additions the clams stay hot for an hour and are passed over your entire body or with pressure on localised points.

Sports injuries or swelling can be eliminated with cold porcelain shells.

We recommend the warm and cold clam combination for better blood circulation, relaxation and energy recharge.

Decongesting of extremities and trunk after operations, injuries or diseases of the lymphatic system.

Often compression therapy with the support of compression stockings or bandages, is necessary.


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