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Basics of every good treatment

Physiotherapy offers a wide range of treatment possibilities. Exercise therapy, mobilisation, stretching, strengthening, training therapy with or on equipment, rehabilitation, posture and breathing exercises.

Basics from all areas of physiotherapy are used. For example, manual therapy, PNF, Feldenkrais method, FBL and much more.

Pain and movement dysfunctions can stem from various causes.

Diseased muscle areas can be detected by feeling the “muscle knots”, which can be provoked to cause pain. Often “muscle knots” radiate pain to other locations. By applying the personalised treatment, the pain will be reduced or even stop during the session.

If a muscle can no longer relax, we offer methods that will help to relieve the restrictions on movement and pain, whether chronic or acute. There is always a solution.

Dry needling therapy supports us in efficiency!

The Trigger points air is taken(effectively stops pain in its tracks).

Trigger point therapy is a manual attempt to loosen muscle knots. Needle therapy helps relieve pain and promotes movement more efficiently and effectively.

Please consult your Doctor in advance to clarify if this therapy would be suitable for you or give us a call for clarification.

The decongesting of extremities and core after operations, injuries or diseases of the lymphatic system.

Compression therapy with the help of compression stockings or compression bandages is often necessary.

The new way of treatment in Physiotherapy

An instruction manual for your whole body from head to toe, because we move in different SPIRALS and not only in a straight line.

Which movement and posture is natural and sensible, and which not. Incorrect posture and repetitive movement lead to disturbances which can be treated effectively.

“Every functional or structural disturbance of the musculoskeletal system changes the movement behaviour.” Klein – Volgelbach.

This active movement therapy places special attention on harmony, coordination, rhythm and extent of movement.

The strenuous lesson gets lightend up with ball and swing gymnastics. The fun home exercises help keep you motivated and flowing.

A holistic concept, which is an integral part of our area

CONTROL of movement sequences,
CONCENTRATION of body and mind,
BREATHING in connection with movement,
CENTERING of body,
RELAXATION of tension,
FLOWING MOVMENTS are the cornerstones of a full body training, whether in individual lessons or integrated into your therapy.


Whether in sports, injuries, pain or in lymph therapy, the flexible tapes are a great support. A treatment method for therapy or effective prevention. With the help of tape we achieve more effective pain reduction and can improve your athletic performance.

Targeted displacement of skin and facia create a stimuli, which can regulate tension.

All treatments can be done as home visit.

Either get a prescription from your Doctor or we charge a flat fee based on distance travelled by therapist.


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